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Good films demand good investment. Outstanding films sometimes demand outstanding investment. But all this can be lost in just the first couple of weeks of release. Losses mount each day that an illegal copy is available online.

At WebKontrol, we understand your challenges and deliver accurate and cost-effective solutions to minimize damage and to quickly detect leaked content on the web. Our unstoppable crawler and advanced fingerprinting technologies perform in-depth website screening and precisely identify unauthorized copies of original titles.

The premier package includes

  • Early content detection in any language: Top video hosting, social media, UGC and file sharing sites are scanned once an hour. We aim to report a first leaked copy as soon as possible. 

  • Broad coverage: WebKontrol’s powerful video search engine screens an unlimited number of storage sites and content sharing platforms. 

  • Escalation procedure: Takedown notices are immediately sent to hosting providers on your behalf and recorded as forensic evidence.

  • Google delisting: Unlimited number of links. 

  • 24/7 online reporting: Monitor the takedown progress with detailed info on each link and file. 

  • Fingerprinting your titles: WebKontrol’s proprietary technology allows us to detect hundreds of unwanted copies online, regardless of their number, visual quality, language or sites they were published.

Choose a trusted vendor to control, detect and take down your premier content that appears online illegally.

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