Library content package

Monetizing on new channels and territories

Encouraged by content sharing behavior, users of social networks, UGCs, some messengers and major video hosting sites distribute popular titles from digital libraries. Often with no idea it’s illegal.

With WebKontrol’s cost-effective and precise video search engine, you can discover what titles are accessible online for unauthorized mass consumption and legalize it for more revenue.

The Library content package includes:

  • Daily content detection: Every 24 hours we scan top video hosting and online streaming sites, torrents, social network platforms, etc. for illegal copies of your titles.  

  • Regional coverage: You can pick and choose the countries for coverage, according to your business needs in each region. 

  • Scalable solution for your library: We start at 10 titles and offer large discounts for large numbers of titles (up to 10,000).

  • 24/7 online reporting: Monitor the takedown progress with detailed info on each link and file. 

  • Fingerprinting your titles: WebKontrol’s proprietary technology allows us to detect hundreds of unwanted copies online, regardless their number, visual quality, language or resources they were published. 

Discover new opportunities to monetize your library content.

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