Notice and Take Down

24/7 web screening to convert losses into profits

Today people are overwhelmed by vast volumes of video content, some of which is illegal, and a growing number of sites where anyone can upload and watch anything. However, this seemingly untameable situation can be controlled, organized and monetized.

Video content is frequently distributed illegally in multiple copies via major video hosting and file sharing portals – website that claim to be acting legally. With so many titles and individual uploaders, compliant providers are not always able to track all questionable copies to take them down.

WebKontrol’s powerful Video Search Engine can identify such copies for legitimate rights holders, regardless of the number of titles. It intelligently hounds illegal content down to the source file and the server where it is located – across the ever-growing global online space.

What is notice and take down?

A claim with legal effect – a takedown notice – is sent automatically to the site owner. This is the most cost-effective way to remove an unwanted copy in the majority of cases. But to be effective, this tool requires an unprecedented level of accuracy for large-scale content identification.

How we do it

WebKontrol’s proprietary Video Search Engine is a cost-effective, accurate and robust AI-based solution that automatically detects your titles in the sea of content stored inside multiple servers:

  • It identifies illegal content, tracks its roots, generates a takedown notice, records its time of issue in a log, sends it out, and monitors the reaction 24/7. Each step becomes forensic evidence.

  • Tailor-made reporting on the takedown progress and the overall statistics mean you can see as much or as little of the process as you want, using a dashboard that is accessible with PC and mobile devices.

  • Millions of takedown notices related to each title are stored in a digital archive and are accessible any minute for legal proceedings, contract revisions and all types of negotiations.

  • A reliable vendor with 8 years of expertise will control your content for you and, when necessary, enforce your rights on your behalf.

Focus on content making instead of content supervision.

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