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Modern approach to broadcast protection

Premium sports are an essential part of the broadcast industry. With total annual revenue over $70 billion, professional sports leagues lose up to $50 billion more to piracy. Sport broadcasting companies are compelled to protect their streams and this protection has to evolve as new ways of content theft emerge.

As TV and movie industry moves towards online distribution, so does piracy: modern approach is to capture video output and distribute it further on the Internet. That is why security measures like DRM and CA are no longer efficient.

This situation requires a new response, which is constant monitoring of the Internet, detection of infringing content using state-of-the-art technologies and immediate reaction.

WebKontrol’s Live Sports Monitoring solution offers a full cycle of service able to trace sources of illicit re-streaming and eliminate it in real-time without undermining existing content delivery processes.

Secure TV and OTT broadcasts

Over-the-top broadcasting services are more susceptible to online piracy as it requires the least effort: with just screen capturing software, which is widely available, paid event stream becomes freely redistributed over the open Internet.

On the other hand, there is satellite and cable Pay TV that is more difficult to redistribute, but it still remains the most popular way to consume live content.

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