Fingerprinting and Pre-filtering

Why content fingerprinting?

We do everything possible to detect and identify illegal copies of your content online, but with clear fingerprints we can do this faster and more accurately, while delivering you more benefits.

It is safe: We never have access to a complete video file, all is done via API.

It is free: We do not ask extra charges for fingerprinting, once you applied for Premier or Library content package.

It is easy: Please request a short guide of how to use WebKontrol’s API.

WebKontrol’s proprietary fingerprinting ensures precise screening of online content in a video stream with reliable content identification. We identify hundreds of thousands copies per month, dozens of thousands copies per week.

Benefits of fingerprinting your content with WebKontrol

Fast pursuit: If a fingerprint is created before your title leaked to the web, its illegal copies can be caught at the moment of uploading to some sites, including major video hosting sites. This is when we reach their hosts with a takedown notice.

Crawling large volumes of data: If your content was spread across web, a clear fingerprint or even a database of fingerprints can be used for a large number of titles across a large number of sites.

Pre-filtering by content ID: your titles’ fingerprints can be used as content IDs by major video hosting sites to detect and cancel the uploading of unauthorized copies.

How it works

The fingerprints we create are tiny high-quality samples of your content that are easily matched against illegal copies, regardless of the following types of distortions.

  • Geometric distortion – e.g. a rectangular video frame becomes diamond-shaped or pillow-shaped.

  • Perspective distortion – e.g. a rectangular video frame becomes a trapezoid.

  • Position distortion / rotation – e.g. a rectangular video frame rotates through an angle of N.

  • Information losses caused by frame cropping and/or frame compression or any modifications of color, brightness and frame proportions.

  • Film transitions – wipes, fades, L cuts, and other effects.

  • Technical distortions – frame jilter, black bar on the screen. 

  • Third party content – translating, dubbing, adding logotypes or subtitles. 

Focus on content creation and let WebKontrol search the web for you.

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