Company history

From a small firm to a global technology provider

WebKontrol develops AI technologies that bring the digital content distribution market into line with international copyright standards and laws. We started as a small Russian firm and matured into a reliable global technology and service provider.

Today, WebKontrol is an industry expert and our clients include five of the six Hollywood majors. We deliver exceptional analytical data on illegal video consumption online and provide copyright enforcement services, but our story sprung from the idea of creating an authorized media streaming and video-on-demand service in Russia.

The early days

When our Founder and CEO Olia Valigourskaia returned to Russia from the UK in 2009, illegal video content made up 95% of the Russian market. This was a time of no advanced technologies, video monitoring, or even anti-piracy laws, and Hollywood was the only player fighting to educate the industry.

The fresh start

Our Founder’s struggles gave her a fresh idea; to develop proprietary technologies capable of screening the web for illegal content and notifying site owners via takedown notices. In 2014, our team was able to successfully hunt down unwanted copies of a hundred titles, using the power of technology intelligence, and proved its value to clients both in Russia and beyond. We began consulting on copyright enforcement and educating Russia-based content producers on better protecting their rights.

From startup to industry expert

This work resulted in a new vision of the Russian media content market, and a number of legislative initiatives were supported by the government to prosecute piracy and ban sites abusing copyright laws. In the last 5 years WebKontrol has assisted in successfully blocking more than 800 non-complaint resources on behalf of global and local rightsholders.

Today we see an ever-growing increase in user generated content, along with new channels and new trends in content consumption. WebKontrol helps content developers regain control of their work, reputations and the revenues that fuel future creativity.

The global technology provider

Nowadays, WebKontrol owns the database of 35 million digital fingerprints to cancel the unauthorized uploading of titles to various sites (prefiltering by content ID) or to accurately identify the unwanted copies online. Hundreds of websites in the U.S. and Europe are screened 24/7, and thousands of illegal items are detected every month, including on P2P sites and social media platforms.
WebKontrol unites high-level specialists – a team of talented copyright lawyers and a cluster of IT professionals, who evolve proprietary AI technologies and develop new services for the industry.

Focus on content making instead of content supervision.

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