A worldwide anti-piracy safeguard, protecting your content across the global web.

Content is precious.

It has the power to inspire and enrich us: opening our eyes and minds, taking us on journeys, making us laugh.

Safeguarding content matters. It allows creators to regain control of their work, their reputations and the revenues that fuel future innovation. Consumers can be confident they are accessing safe, authorized and high-quality content they can trust and enjoy.

WebKontrol pairs cutting-edge AI technology with deep expertise in content protection. We scan vast volumes of online content and verify its authorized use across the globe. We pair our technology with rigorous enforcement actions, giving global content owners the power to protect the distribution of their video, music and text products in the digital universe.

Nowadays, WebKontrol owns the database of 35 million digital fingerprints to cancel the unauthorized uploading of titles to various sites (prefiltering by content ID) or to accurately identify the unwanted copies online. Hundreds of websites in the U.S. and Europe are screened 24/7, and thousands of illegal items are detected every month, including on P2P sites and social media platforms. 
WebKontrol unites high-level specialists – a team of talented  lawyers and IT professionals, who evolve proprietary AI technologies and develop new services for the industry.

Take back control of your content’s digital life.

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